Cosmetic Textile Pouch - Jewelry

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These little beauties usually sell out very FAST, but I was able to get a wide variety for you chicas to stock up on. 

This pouch is perfect to have in your purse or car to get organized with your personal items, essential oils, jewelry, and if you're a mama all those little baby items that tend to get lost. 

We couldn't be happier with the intricate designs and colors our artisan partners in Lake Atitlan made with natural dyes and handwoven in a women's cooperative. 

***Please note that this is only ONE jewelry pouch.

***Also, bags are handwoven with natural materials and as a result the placement of the textile design might be slightly different than what is in pictured and/or the color of the tassel may vary. 


 W 4.5" X H 3.5" X D 3"


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